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Big News! 

I have a new website for my instrument building.  It's called Ebi Ukuleles!  <- Please visit!


Here's what I used to work on:

Fox Side Bender for ukuleles

Ukulele size Fox Side Bender jig for bending instrument sides with heat. Shown with forms (front to back, left to right) for Soprano, Baritone, Tenor and Concert (mounted). Heating blanket and controls not shown.  I've created a new website for my instrument building.  It's called Ebi Ukuleles.  Please visit!  The old page of lutherie jigs on this page will no longer be updated.


Shoji Doors

Shoji closet doors.  Painted poplar, shoji paper with bamboo watermarks.



Tenor Ukulele from a kit.  I'm presently tooling up to build stringed instruments from scratch.  My new bandsaw is in the background.


Built-in whole-wall bookcase

Built-in whole-wall bookcase with indirect and direct lighting and cubie access in the doorway.  This beast was built in modules in my shop and took seven sheets of  birch plywood, poplar edge banding and trim. Faux bead-board back and cupboard doors.  Biscuit joinery.


kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, counter and shelves.  The shelves are hollow and now contain lights.  Birch plywood, poplar face frames, and laminate.  Biscuit joinery.  The shelves look better with stuff on them.


I made these woodpecker and chickadee houses from douglas fir that I reclaimed when I rebuilt our front porch.  12 inch ruler for scale.


harp boxes

These harmonica cases have no hinge but act like they do.  Leopard wood, Paduk, bamboo, spalted maple, Sheduah.



These humidors (one with hygrometer, one without) are of Spanish Cedar, Jatoba veneer, Rosewood binding and store-bought inlay.


box batch

These boxes are of Goncalo Alves (tiger wood), and Jatoba and one with bamboo.  The iPod is for scale.  The framed lid floats to allow for wood movement.  Splines are of Jatoba.


Jewlery Box

This isn't my design, I got it from a woodworking magazine.  Bloodwood, red oak, ebonized walnut with real ebony splines.


Display case.

These were designed to display a pocket watch collection but I later made different inserts so they could be used as jewelry boxes.  They measure 9 3/4 x 15 x 2 1/4 and are of Leopard wood, red oak, and maple.  Lift lids.



I customized these old broadcast microphones for my own use for amplified harmonica .  Powder coat finish.



This simple box is of ebonized walnut and purple heart.  The hinge is my design - fashioned from brass rod and tubing.


Tiny box

These tiny boxes are Leopard wood and rosewood.  The cavity is routed and the lid is a sliding dovetail.  iPod for scale.


iPod Stand

I made these iPod stands of various woods.  This one is stained red oak.  The trick was accommodating the odd wiring.



Assorted box projects.


I  rebuilt and restored this family heirloom table for my own use.  Biscuit joinery and poly-urethane finish.  It belonged originally to my great-grandmother.  The chairs from another great-grandmother.


Router Table

This router table design is from the book, "Woodworking With the Router," by Bill Hylton.  A useful tool in my shop.


Play House

I built this playhouse for my grand daughters.  Pictured with my mother Peggy and my granddaughter Elaina.



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